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The platform is available in France as DisonsDemain and in Germany as Zweisam.

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Our Time dating agency primarily caters to UK singles over 50 years old.
Nearly all users are 45 plus, with a higher proportion over 55 years old.


Once you have created an OurTime profile, you can view other members’ online profiles as a preview. The dating site admin reviews each profile before it is published, but it is still frustrating not to be able to find out much detail about other mature people before deciding whether to send a wink.

The profile quality is good, but you are left with minimal information to decide whether you are a compatible dating contact and match. Unless you pay for premium features, you have little to go on to decide whether you connect well with a suggested dating user.

Checking Our Time dating reviews found that you can upload photos but that these, too, are subject to verification. Everybody can see your account photo, but any other uploads are restricted until you have connected and have paid for an upgrade.

The questions about your personal information are mandatory, so there is no option to decline to answer something you don’t wish to display on your page. This is a shame since most senior dating online sites give you a choice about what you do and don’t want to share with other people.

Profiles on an OurTime sign in are easy to view, but again you can only see a summary whether you come across someone through a search or through the discover tab. The summary includes:

  • Profile photo
  • Name
  • Age
  • Location
  • Height
  • Intro paragraph

If you like the look of the account preview, you can send a wink or add the profile to your favourites, but can’t view any more detail until you have decided whether or not you think you are compatible.


OurTime does offer a free online membership option, but you won’t find any online free messaging here. Any kind of messages aside from a wink is a premium feature, so it’s pretty essential to pay for a subscription to get much use from your account.

The Blendr game is fun to play – this is a roulette-style game where you see a user preview and have to choose yes or No as to whether you like the look of them. If you select Yes, that account is automatically added to your favourites list – but you will not be able to message them, or even see if they have tried to message you – unless you pay for an upgrade.

One of the common OurTime scams is to encourage older subscribers to send winks and engage with singles, and then present the problem of having to pay for an upgrade, or choose to walk away from potential dating matches.

The online subscription costs are also auto-renewing, so it is essential to understand that the advertised free service is minimal.

Icebreakers of the Dating Site

There are no icebreakers on OurTime. Winks act as a substitute for this senior dating sservice, but when it comes to messaging, you will need to be prepared to think of an introduction on your feet!


£39.99 total
£74.97 total
£119.94 total
Incognito mode

Free vs. Paid Access

There are free online services on UK OurTime, but they are minimal, so you will need to commit to a subscription to gain any value or make connections.

Accepted Payment Methods

OurTime dating site accepts payments via credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Remember that fees are auto-renewing, and you must cancel your subscription with your payment provider if you wish to unsubscribe, even if you have closed your dating profile.


The United Kingdom senior online platform provides guidance on safe dating and advises that users should not share private information. However, our main concern with OurTime security is that the site reserves the right to store and access personal data about each of its users.

If you take a look at the privacy policy, this states that OurTime will record and store your private data, including your financial information. If you decide to set up your account through Facebook, OurTime will access data from your social media account – even if you close your OurTime account.

Keeping your data safe is even more vital to safety online. Hence, it is worth being very cautious about setting up a dating account here and being aware of what information you are providing them with.

There is an incognito mode you can use to keep your UK profile private and to restrict the visibility of your site activities from other members. However, you will need to pay an additional £9.99 per month over and above any premium subscription you have to use the service.

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Incognito browsing:


  • OurTime dating app offers an incognito mode for private browsing at £9.99 per month – your profile will also be blocked from appearing in searches.
  • Photos can be uploaded and edited through the ‘edit profile’ shortcut.
  • The site connects senior singles by suggesting potential senior connections, but these are based on fairly arbitrary information, and there is no personality matches.
  • Blendr is a roulette matching game.
  • Senior Activities are OurTime social events that you can use as a chat room.
  • You can only be invited to Activities depending on your age and where you live.
  • Some OurTime Activities are paid for, and you must provide three days’ notice if you cannot attend.
  • Payments are automatically recurring, so if you decide to close your account, you also need to contact your payment provider directly.

Editor Rating

At first glance, OurTime looks like a decent UK based senior singles dating site for older people. However, it is hard to accept that it can help find meaningful matches without any kind of personality testing. So we found that most connections are relatively random and based on your age and location rather than anything more specific.

The privacy policy is unsettling, and any online site that stores your payment information and reserves the right to remove data from your social media profile is a red flag. So we would not recommend joining through Facebook!

It sounded like there were many online features and games available for free, but in reality, if you are looking for local dating, to make friends, or for any kind of romantic connection, you have little choice but to pay for an upgrade. The fact that payments are taken weekly also doesn’t weigh me in favour of OurTime – it is certainly a dating site where you will pay steeply for the chance of meeting anybody.

The Bottom Line & Rating

The United Kingdom’s OurTime online dating has the potential to be a great mature singles dating site, but it has a lot of work to do to provide the kind of value for money that we expect from high-priced dating sites.

While it is always encouraging to have free registration, it quickly becomes apparent that the dating features available for free are extremely limited. This sort of account is only really suitable for casual browsing, and not if you would like to use OurTime to meet/date people or to begin any conversations with singles.

If we’re honest, many downsides overwhelm the site’s positive aspects. Having a weekly subscription cost and an auto-renewing subscription means that once you have joined, it is quite tricky to cancel and stop paying the charges, so we have to say that there are better online sites out there, with far better dating services available for free. is the UK senior version of OurTime – the site offers dating and matches between single straight adults aged 50 and over.

Registration and creating an account is free, but if you wish to send or receive messages from other singles – or to know if someone has sent you a message – you will have to upgrade to a paid subscription.
These are billable weekly, and prices start at £19.99 per month for a 6-month subscription or £39.99 per month for a 1-month subscription.
If you would like to use private browsing, the incognito mode will cost you an additional £9.99 per month.
Our dating review did not find any free trial periods or discounts available, so unless something new is announced, it looks like these are the best value options the site can offer.

In terms of memberships, OurTime has a large senior user base and has different versions in countries throughout Europe. Singles tend to be very active, and there are added bonuses such as Activities events.
However, you must pay for a weekly subscription to be able to access the essential services, and the tailored connections don’t seem to exist.