With a vast 10 million strong US membership, OkCupid is a hugely popular dating site – but we’re interested in whether it matches up with the next niche senior dating sites created solely for mature men and women.


Members: 10 million plus US singles.

Best For: Serious relationship seekers, although increasingly more casual.

User Base: 35% women and 65% men.

Recommended Age: Most users are 25 – 34, but some are 55+.

Pros & Cons


  • Vast membership database of 10 million people.
  • High membership activity and engagement.
  • Personality testing to receive accurate matches.
  • Ability to import photos from a social media account.
  • Immediate match advice suggestions after registering.
  • A range of search tools to filter potential dates.
  • Access to complete profiles even for free accounts.


  • A wide range of relationship seekers, from hookups to casual dates.
  • Diverse user age, but limited matches for mature singles.
  • Extensive registration process taking a relatively long time.
  • The requirement to pay for a premium account to use most features.
  • Any photo uploaded on the app is public.
  • Membership is dominated by men, with a 65% user ratio.
  • Difficult to find specific matches given the size of the database.

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Membership Base

Size of Membership Base:

  • Active members: 10 million US users with one million log-ins per day.

  • Men vs. women: 35% women and 65% men

Geographical Areas Covered:

OkCupid is a US-based dating site in English but is available internationally, so some users may not be local.

Relationship Types Catered to:

Relationship Status: Single

Relationship Types: Straight

Looking For: Relationships, casual dates, hookups, and friendship.


OkCupid is open to any user over 18, so although it has a much larger membership than most senior dating sites, it can be hit and miss if you want to meet people of a similar age.

The majority of members are 25-34, and few users are 55 or above.

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The profile quality on OkCupid is good, and you can see profiles even on a free account, including pictures. You will need to answer personality-testing questions on registering and then choose whether you want to answer further questions, which unlock additional services.


You cannot send complimentary dating messages to other users on OkCupid and can only make contact if you have a mutual like with another account. You also cannot send mass messages as you can on many senior dating sites.


There aren’t any dating icebreakers on OkCupid, so the only way to make contact is to indicate that you like someone in one of the matching features and then wait to see if they respond in kind.


OkCupid offers two dating membership tiers with varying service levels, plus the option to buy additional credits to access different functions.

A-List Basic Subscription Costs:

  • One month $7.95 $7.95/month

  • Three months $19.05 $6.35/month

  • Six months $23.70 $3.95/month

A-List Premium Subscription Costs:

  • One month $24.90 $24.90/month

  • Three months $68.70 $22.90/month

  • Six months $119.40 $19.90/month

Boost Credit Costs:

  • One credit $1.99 $1.99/credit

  • Five credits $9.45 $1.89/credit

  • Ten credits $16.90 $1.69/credit

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Free Vs. Paid Access

Our review found that there aren’t many free services on OkCupid, so that most users will opt for a paid subscription.

Free services include:

  • Creating a profile and taking the personality quizzes.

  • Recording who you like and viewing member profiles.

  • Playing the Double Take game.

  • Running basic searches.

Paid-for services include:

  • Unrestricted messaging.

  • Priority dating chats and visibility.

  • Access to see question answers.

  • Removal of pop-up ads.

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Accepted Payment Methods

  • Credit card.

  • Mobile payment systems.

  • PayPal transfers.


As a large international dating platform, OkCupid does have reasonably good security controls – but by no means does that mean it is exempt from spam profiles. Hence, it remains critical to be conscious of safe online dating.


  • Access to see which users you have liked.

  • Add-on features to boost your dating profile.

  • Lists of suggested matches on the Like and Messages tabs.

Editor Rating

OkCupid is a great dating site, but given that it isn’t specifically aimed at senior daters, it can be hit and miss. The functionality and usability are great, but there are many tabs, functions, and games, so it could not be evident for mature singles that want a more straightforward dating service.


Let’s review some of the most common questions about using OKCupid as a senior dating site alternative!

Is OkCupid Worth the Time?

It really depends – if there are plenty of members in your local area, then yes, it could be worthwhile. However, you will need to complete a fairly extensive questionnaire to join and don’t have a guarantee there will be mature singles to match with.

Are There Milestones on OkCupid?

No, there aren’t any specific benefits to being a long-term member; other than that, the monthly cost of a subscription drops the longer you sign up for.

Does OkCupid Let You Send Free Messages?

Not exactly – you can’t send direct messages to any profile you choose, but rather can only connect with mutual matches who have sent a like back. There are no icebreaker questions or alternative messaging options.

Can Members Report Fake Profiles on OkCupid?

Yes, if you come across anything suspicious, you can always block the account and report it to the site admin to deal with.