When we talk about the ideal seniors over 70 dating sites meant for singles over 70, we mean that we recommend the best sites where seniors over 70 can find sexual partners, lovers and even get to a serious relationship if need be. 

Regardless of their age, seniors over 70 deserve partners and sex since this is close to a basic necessity in the modem world. Whether you are single, married, divorced, or never married, there is that urge to get intimate and experience romance with someone. This is why it is important to get sexual partners, life partners, or short-term partners. 



Seniorstodate.com is a popular seniors over 70 dating site for older people seeking love and relationships. This site makes it easier for seniors over 70 and men to find matches. The unique features are; instant messaging, email support, live chat, mobile application, and video chat. 

Our rating is 4.25/5

The dating site has both the android and the iOS application available for mobile, tablet, and iPad users but users need to be paid to use it. The pricing is fair with a 1-month membership of $24.49, a 3-month membership of $42.87, and a 6-month membership of $69.29. 

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Flirtymate.com is a seniors dating site mostly with senior men aged above 55 years of age looking for senior ladies. The site has more than 300,000 active users weekly. Some of the special features are; sending flirtcasts, testing the site, and the ability to rate a profile picture. 

Our rating is 4/5

Currently, flirtymature.com has not developed an application for Android and iOS but users can access the web version on their phones. The site has a 1-week membership for $7, 1-month membership of $28.80, and a 3-month membership of $48.60.

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Wantmatures.com is a unique dating site for seniors over 70 seeking love and dating. It has over 9 million users worldwide, with 56% being men. To enjoy Wantmatures.com, there are some special features: the safe mode, the like gallery, the ability to send flirtcasts, and the satisfaction guarantee.

Our rating of the site is 3.5/5

The site has not yet developed an application, but the site is accessible via mobile-based browsers, which are highly effective and easy to use. Wantmatures.com offers a 1-month membership of $41.40, 3-month membership of $69.30, and a 6-month membership of $111.60. 

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Askme4date.com is a local seniors over 70 dating site meant for women and men who want to find any relationship from love, long term relationships, and short term relationships. Some of the basic features are sending winks, flirtcasts, and messages for free for female users. The site also has a matching feature.

Our rating is 3/5

Askme4date.com has an android application for smartphone users but has not yet developed an iOS-compatible application. There are three price ranges: the extra security for C$12.99, the Catholic pack for C$18.99, and the premium Dater for C$27.99. 

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Clickandflirt is one of the most popular dating sites, mostly made up of singles from all age gaps as well as seniors over 70 looking for casual dates and romantic relationships. Some of the special features are the ability to send flirtcasts, freely reading messages, sending winks, and the matching feature that is highly effective. 

Our rating is 3/5

Clickandflirt has developed a dating application compatible with both Android smartphones and iOS devices. This dating site has the 1 monthly membership subscription of £27.99, a 3-month subscription of £62.97, and a 6-month subscription of £83.94. 

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OkCupid is a single senior persons dating site with over 50 million users worldwide and received more than 1 million daily logins. Users love it because you can seek who liked you, has a blog, profiles can get highlighted for you, ability to match users, and has a double-take matching feature. 

Our rating is 3.8/5

OkCupid has both an android and iOS application, making it easier for mobile users to access most of its features. The site offers a 1 monthly membership of $7.95, 3 months membership of $19.05, and a 6-month membership of $23.70.

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Why You Should Use A Dating Site For Seniors Over 70

With the current technology advancement in the dating scene, seniors over 70 dating has not been left out. Most seniors over 70 are either divorced or alone, and this comes to the need for dating sites that help them meet other seniors for relationships, casual dating, and hookups. Just like ambition, happiness, and curiosity, love doesn’t stop at a certain age.

Dating sites for mature seniors’ singles, therefore, come with several privileges. First, dating sites have members waiting for mates, and the process is quicker than traditional dating. It may be hard to meet seniors physically, but online dating provides thousands of interested users.

Some dating sites offer free sites, have an easy-to-understand design and a free sign-up process that is understandable and usable for individuals above 70 years. Security is another advantage of using dating sites for seniors over 70 as this is guaranteed. 

Some Unique Online Dating Tips for Seniors Over 70

Dating for seniors over 70 can be the most wonderful experience with several dating tips. Older people are most mature in love and understand the basic things in dating. Therefore, it is easy for them to follow simple tips compared to the younger generation.

First, watch for red flags when dating online. Unusual behaviour on online dating sites is common for seniors over 70. Some issues such as someone prompting you to give financial details or credit card details, is one of the things that should be avoided. 

Additionally, online dating needs to cast a wide net, flirt, and chat and get to know several people before choosing a mate. It is also advisable to go on several dates with multiple partners to understand your partner and choose the ideal one for you. 

Finally, flirtcasts and winks are perfect conversation starters online, so make good use of this feature. 

The Takeaway on Dating Sites for Seniors Over 70

Online dating sites give you exactly what you need depending on your enthusiasm and drive. For some people, it may be a terrible experience, while others have a fantastic experience. However, with the suggested sites above, they are prepared to be hugely satisfied by their user experience, number of seniors over 70, and enjoyment. 

It’s about time the seniors had fun, met new people online, and engaged in flirting, casual dating, and hookups. It all depends on what someone wants, from hookups to serious relationships. Through dating applications and sites, seniors can build strong relationships that can last for the rest of their lives or just for some time. 

Everyone deserves to receive love, sex, and affection regardless of age, and this is why the recommendations we have given give you exactly what you need at the comfort of your computer and phone. Try these sites for seniors over 70, and you won’t be disappointed.